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Mischief Morningstar Dominatrix in Portland Oregon

Mischief Morningstar is a Professional Dominatrix, Switch, submissive and Kink Educator based in Portland, Oregon. Your favorite Leather-Clad Life Coach and BDSM Practitioner. Live sessions in PDX, with virtual and travel sessions available as well. I am Queer AF, and cater to the gloriously wide range of kink, gender, and sexuality identities. Open minded, curious, and creative. Purveyor of chaos, fear-boners. The Devil Herself.

*COVID-19 UPDATE: This Devilish Dominatrix is fully vaccinated as of April 15th, 2021. For more on my Covid-19 Live BDSM Session Policies, please go here.

Professional Dominatrix & Switch Based in Portland, OR

What the F*** is a Professional Switch? 

It has nothing to do with Nintendo…most of the time. It means I offer B.D.S.M. sessions – either in-person at SubRosa PDX – Portland, Oregon ‘s only femme-owned boutique fetish space – or distance via NiteFlirt – as either a Professional Dominatrix or a Professional submissive (and can switch between the two). I suppose you could say I’m a greedy BDSM enthusiast who lives for variety, I’m really just…a total kink nerd. Don’t mistake my silliness for flippancy though, genuine connection and your emotional and physical safety is at the core of every session with me. 

Dominatrix in Portland, Oregon – Live & Distance Sessions Available

As The Mistress Morningstar : In addition to My enthusiasm and playful demeanor, I pride Myself on My creative impact tools, and ability to control the elements. If you’re very very good… or very very naughty… I might zap you with something or show you how I control fire. Maybe I’ll tie you up. Maybe we will wear luchador masks and funny spandex and wrestle (I’ll win.) Ask about the Nerf Gun. Learn more about my offerings and services as your favorite Demonic Dominatrix here. You’re bound to scream “Thank you, Mistress”.  

Don’t just take My infallible word for it – here is a first-hand account from one of my submissives

Dying to get My attention? I love receiving gifts and acts of service. Buy Me awesome things and do nice things for Me because the temptation is too strong not to.

professional Submissive in Portland – Live & Distance Sessions Available

As mischief morningstar: Professional Submissive OK, so I’m a bit of a sass-basket. You must have picked up on it by now. In any case, I’m worth it. To the casual observer, it might seem like I don’t take things seriously. Just remember, even when the dungeon echoes with my laughter, it is coming from a place of love. In scene, I am known to be responsive and communicative. Read about my Professional Submissive and Professional Switch services here.

Receive my gift of submission and tell me the naughty thoughts you’ve never told another soul.

Sadistic Switch | Demonic Dominatrix | Sassy Submissive

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