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Dominatrix Sessions Review – Submissive Missive

Dominatrix Sessions with Mistress Morningstar

Submission by submissive “bub”

When I initially approached Mistress Morningstar for her dominatrix sessions, I had a few fantasies in mind –  fantasies I was scared of bringing to my partners at the time.

I also wanted somebody to put me to the test, physically.  Few of my sexual partners have been stronger than I am, and as a sexual submissive and masochist, I really wanted a chance to feel fully, completely dominated, and to let go of all control.  

Mistress was welcoming and professional from the start.  She eased all my anxieties during our first meeting, where She got more details about my fantasies, physical abilities and limits, and discussed safety precautions for the session.  She was straightforward, and totally honest about Her experience and skill with each particular kind of play I sought.   

She was very conscious about COVID precautious – which was a huge weight off my chest!  

Our sessions together…there isn’t a word powerful enough for the joy and release I feel, every time I put myself in Mistress Morningstar’s wicked hands.  I feel completely at ease handing the reins (…and the keys… and the blindfolds… and the nipple clamps…) to Her. 

From the moment I walk in the dungeon, down to the moment I wobble out, She takes tender, savage care of me.  And I adore every second of it.

If I must give any criticism of Mistress (gods forbid! Let’s just call it “constructive feedback”), I would say I want to be hit harder.  However, She knows how to keep me from wearing out too fast.  She knows how to distribute fun and punishment, generously.  There is never a lull in the action, never keeping the suspense too long, and every session, Mistress has a new toy or a new experience for me.  She mixes serious play very well with affectionate humor – even when I’m being a bratty little toy who’s earned a beating, there’s laughter and glee for both of us in the experience.

Mistress Morningstar pushes me right up to the edge of my mental and physical endurance, and keeps me safe from going over the edge.  She is creative and fierce with her sessions.  I trust Her completely.  And, if you haven’t noticed, She is smokin’ hot and sexy as all Hellfire.  My sessions with Her are a monthly treat to savor.  I shiver with anticipation, to imagine what She has in store for me next time.

FemDom Mistress Morningstar Portland Oregon Professional Dominatrix Switch Submissive BDSM Practitioner FemDom Femme Dominant Devil

My FemDom Philosophy

My FemDom style is just that…mine. If you were to search the internet for What is FemDom, the answers can be underwhelming. Believe me, I checked. Seems to be unanimously “It’s when a Female Identified person is the Dominant in a BDSM Relationship.” If you found me, you likely know that. If I was a betting devil, and I am when I know I’ll win, I’d wager you want to know more about my philosophies as a Femme Domme (ah, yes, there are many spellings) and how that applies to the relationship we are looking to build together. If you want to explore other styles and philosophies, I am part of this incredible collaboration project called the FemDom Society and you can explore other styles and philosophies here.

Dominance, to me, is a leadership position in the company that is…well…you. Think of me as your Angel Investor. 

Ironic, isn’t it?

It means that you acknowledge my capacity to guide and shape you. To give me the trust to help you grow. That you can set aside your predetermined ideas about your own superiority, and acquiesce to mine. Listen to me, and I will open doors to worlds you never thought existed. Invest your power in me, and I will match your contributions. 

It means that I’m more than a pretty face in a corset and a pair of stylish leather boots. 

Not to brag, but…

(JUST KIDDING…I fucking LOVE to brag)

I am also brilliant, funny, and can likely kick your ass. If you’re under 6’1” I can also kick you in the face. I know this is hard to hear, but there is a very, very good chance that I am objectively better, happier, and more fulfilled than you are. AND THAT’S OK….it’s what I’m here to teach you. If I wasn’t, why would you be here? For the beatings?

I mean…those are pretty fucking great too. If that’s all you want, cool. I will gladly do so with a smile so big that you’ll be worried I might unhinged my jaw and swallow you whole. If I do, lucky you.

However, and this is very important to me, my dominant side and my sadistic/topping side are not the same thing. Consensual pain infliction (sadism, topping, etc) is an act. FemDom is a mindset. 

So, is it an either/or kind of a situation? Of course not! As I said, I am brilliant and can do nearly anything. Physical pain can be an incredibly powerful motivator. Bondage can be unexpectedly liberating. The sensual pleasure and trust that can come from physical interaction can unlock parts of our minds that we didn’t realize we walled off a long time ago. BDSM requires trust and vulnerability, and when we open ourselves to that, it can be like opening a floodgate. 

I know, because that’s what happened to me. 

And seriously… goddamn…have you seen how good I look in a corset and a pair of stylish leather boots? I must be doing something right. 

Mistress Morningstar Portland Oregon Professional Dominatrix Switch Submissive BDSM Practitioner Burlesque Dancer Goddess Devil

Beginning BDSM – A Flashback

***Flashback to the beginning of my BDSM journey as a Domme. ***

Morning of, I sent her instructions via text.

“Send me a picture of your outfit for tonight, to show me that you understand”.

She was right on time to pick me up for dinner: 6:10 as I had instructed. I slid into the passenger seat of her car, and I kissed her gently, teasingly…

“That’s the last time you will touch me tonight until I say otherwise” This is how she knows we are beginning our BDSM dance.

The desire in her eyes flared, knowing she couldn’t touch me only made the urge stronger. By the end of the evening it would be unbearable.

We arrived at the restaurant, which turned out to be the kind of place suburban couples might go on their anniversary; Overpriced, heavy on ambience, but they put queso on everything. I enjoyed little flirting moments and exerting minor shows of power over dinner. Sit here. Order this. Cut your food this way.

We bantered, talked about the drink menu. She told me she’d always wanted to know more about scotch, and while a scheme formed in my mind, out loud I talked about our monthly scotch tastings, said I’d send an invitation to the next one.

The drive to my place was filled with anticipation. If you listened carefully you could hear it over the operatic metal music blaring from the speakers of the sedan.

“Take off all of your clothes, fold them neatly and place them on the chair I set out. Make me a cup of tea, and wait outside my bedroom door until I call for you.”

Meanwhile, I began what would become a common ritual for me: light candles, put on music (I believe this particular selection was a combination of Depeche Mode and She Wants Revenge), and slip into my leather thigh-high boots. Red leather moto gloves. I sat in my leather chair (what? I’m a leather fetishist. I have oodles of it.), with a sheepskin throw on the floor in front of it.

“I am ready for you, my dear, you may enter”.

She crawled to me on her knees from the doorway, careful not to spill a single drop. I allowed her to set the tea on the tray and kneel for an inspection. I let my eyes fall on every curve of her body, getting near enough that she could smell the cologne I wore just for her. Then, I pulled her up by her hair, all the way to her feet, and instructed her to admire my toys.

“Are there any that scare you? None? Good girl. Finish your tea. Lie on the bed face up.”

I tied her “starfish” position to my bed posts. Single column with hemp rope – simple, effective. I started to slowly unzip my zipper-front red dress, but thought better and decided she hadn’t earned the right to see what was underneath…yet.

So I blindfolded her.

Then I unzipped it…very slowly…right next to her ear…so she could hear every tooth and agonize over what she was missing.

I was so eager, and used so many different tools on her, but first I “calibrated” her with my pitchfork crop.

Next was the Tazapper , my Isis dagger (dull wavy blade dipped in ice water), silicone flogger, bamboo back scratcher, pitchfork crop, Harley crop, wooden paddle. Some impact, some sensation, some teasing. Then I moved on to hot/cold.

I grabbed the Isis dagger (now sufficiently icy…Ice-is dagger is more like it…am I right?) and ran it down the length of her body. Alternated the cold with the hot drips of black wax from a religious candle. I decided to tear off the blindfold so I could see the pain in her eyes.

I stood over her, on my bed, feet either side of her naked, wax covered body, Boots still on, I dripped wax on her very sensitive nipples from high up with a red taper candle, and teased her clit with my silicone whip. At this point she was so covered in wax that I decided to wind down, spelling out my initials “MM” on her chest in the wax. Aside from tying the rope, never once did I touch her with my hands.

I checked in and untied her, helped scrape off as much wax as I could, got her steady, gave her a robe, told her to get in the shower and come back to me. When she returned, I told her to kneel on the pillow in front of my feet and drink the water I placed there.

“It’s killing you, not getting to touch me, isn’t it? Do you think you’ve earned it? Have you been my Good Girl tonight?”

She nodded so vigorously I thought her head might fall off. I ripped open my tights and told her to pleasure me with her cute little tongue. I could see the cum begin to drip from between her legs. Grabbing another handful of hair, I looked her dead in the eye and asked if she was ready for her first scotch lesson.


I poured a tiny bit into the hollow spot at the base of her neck. Then I lapped it up, and let some of it drip further down around her chest so I could teasingly lick it up…coming oh-so-close to her nipples but never touching.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Lifted her to her knees, positioned her mouth riiight on the tip of my breast, and slowly poured some over the curve and onto her tongue. She moaned with pleasure as she licked up every drop, and then I threw her onto the bed.

I got out my rainbow cock and put it in my harness and fucked her mouth. She did so good, and I would make her look up at me so I could see her eyes water. Then I took it off and let her lick me again. After some very intense G spot orgasms (granted by way of her exceptionally long fingers) I teased her nipples and clit and made her play with herself for my amusement until she came.

Then we drank Capri suns and ate the Chocolate Torte I had ordered to-go from the restaurant. 

My plan had been executed flawlessly. 

Mistress Morningstar Portland Oregon Professional Dominatrix Switch Submissive BDSM Practitioner Burlesque Dancer Goddess Devil

Portland Mistress in the Time of Quarantine

Your Portland Mistress is here with an obvious statement: Quarantine has changed even Portland’s kinky corner of the world, My fiends. The Covid-19 pandemic has created distance in a time where political climate and social media have already left many of Us feeling lonelier than ever. Ever the optimist though, I believe there are still so many ways We can seek connection with each other!

Don’t fret, Mistress Morningstar is here to help guide you through these difficult times.

First and foremost: Yes, I am still able to see you…one way or another.

All BDSM sessions will be conducted in accordance with current laws, CDC guidelines, the requirements of our session space, and My personal risk tolerance.

Portland Live Sessions: Mistress Morningstar’s Policies

By this chart I am currently at level 3, and I am fully vaccinated as of APRIL 15TH, 2021

your session with Mistress Morningstar:

Shoes and exterior clothing will be removed at the entryway of the session site. I will take a touch-less temperature for both of Us. Then you will head into the bathroom to wash your hands immediately. If you would prefer to shower ahead of Our session, let Me know in advance and I will allow you to arrive 5 min early to do so.

All surfaces and tools are being sanitized immediately before and after Our session and may utilize barrier protection if needed. Your Mistress is already this meticulous, it just so happens to be hip everywhere else now, too.

If I feel any symptoms, I will cancel our appointment and refund you the entire deposit or give you the option of seeking a postponement. 

If you are experiencing cough, fever and/or shortness of breath, or any other Covid-19 symptoms identified by the CDC: inform Me immediately and we will discuss a postponement. If you let Me know less than 48 hours before seeing Me about this, then your deposit is forfeited.

Should you get a fever within 14 days of seeing Me, you WILL let Me know. I will do the same.

If it is required by your risk tolerance, and you ask very nicely, I will wear My face mask. It has rhinestones. If I ask you to wear one, it will be because that is My desire and so I trust that you will.

Be safe, stay healthy, take care of each other as I do you.

– Mistress Morningstar

Mistress Morningstar Portland Oregon Professional Dominatrix Switch Submissive BDSM Practitioner Burlesque Dancer Goddess Devil

Tied & Teased {Part One}

I want to tie you up.

To slowly drag each fiber across the mountain range of your wrists.

Eyeing you carefully, because if I am not vigilant…

… it will be me in the rope. 

Headboard or eyebolt? It doesn’t matter, as long as there’s nothing breakable nearby. I know how you like to thrash, kick, and writhe…and I am here to give you what you like. 

Cover your eyes, but not your mouth. Your eyes are beautiful, endless depths that I could tread for hours…but it’s that capricious grin I want to see when I’m teasing you. It’s just more fun if you don’t know what’s coming next.

I slip a small metal claw on each fingertip. I want to leave red, glowing scratch marks all down your back. Top to bottom; Side to side. My sexy, tartan-printed prisoner.

Every time I get close, you try to bite me. Keep it up. See what happens.

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