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Dominatrix Sessions Review – Submissive Missive

Dominatrix Sessions with Mistress Morningstar

Submission by submissive “bub”

When I initially approached Mistress Morningstar for her dominatrix sessions, I had a few fantasies in mind –  fantasies I was scared of bringing to my partners at the time.

I also wanted somebody to put me to the test, physically.  Few of my sexual partners have been stronger than I am, and as a sexual submissive and masochist, I really wanted a chance to feel fully, completely dominated, and to let go of all control.  

Mistress was welcoming and professional from the start.  She eased all my anxieties during our first meeting, where She got more details about my fantasies, physical abilities and limits, and discussed safety precautions for the session.  She was straightforward, and totally honest about Her experience and skill with each particular kind of play I sought.   

She was very conscious about COVID precautious – which was a huge weight off my chest!  

Our sessions together…there isn’t a word powerful enough for the joy and release I feel, every time I put myself in Mistress Morningstar’s wicked hands.  I feel completely at ease handing the reins (…and the keys… and the blindfolds… and the nipple clamps…) to Her. 

From the moment I walk in the dungeon, down to the moment I wobble out, She takes tender, savage care of me.  And I adore every second of it.

If I must give any criticism of Mistress (gods forbid! Let’s just call it “constructive feedback”), I would say I want to be hit harder.  However, She knows how to keep me from wearing out too fast.  She knows how to distribute fun and punishment, generously.  There is never a lull in the action, never keeping the suspense too long, and every session, Mistress has a new toy or a new experience for me.  She mixes serious play very well with affectionate humor – even when I’m being a bratty little toy who’s earned a beating, there’s laughter and glee for both of us in the experience.

Mistress Morningstar pushes me right up to the edge of my mental and physical endurance, and keeps me safe from going over the edge.  She is creative and fierce with her sessions.  I trust Her completely.  And, if you haven’t noticed, She is smokin’ hot and sexy as all Hellfire.  My sessions with Her are a monthly treat to savor.  I shiver with anticipation, to imagine what She has in store for me next time.